___ Gladys and Ray bought the property with a master renovation plan in mind, the goal was to “allow the coral rock to be what it wanted to be." It is a work in progress. Below is a view of the new kitchen areas, which are now opened up to the main space.

Renovated Lofts

(Pictured above: Renovated loft area inside the cottages)


Renovated Kitchen

(Pictured Above: Renovated kitchens inside the cottages.)

____ It took about a year after the purchase to replace the infrastructure and move it underground. Each cottage now has its own electrical system, plumbing, central A/C, telephone, cable, and high speed internet. The interior of the cottages was renovated from head to toe. This includes new white marble floors, window treatments, kitchen counters and cabinets. The Lilliputian kitchens and baths have all been attractively remodeled. The dishwasher fits under the sink, and the range tops are set in a tiled counter that can double as a dining spot.


Renovated Rooftop

(Pictured Above: Renovated rooftop patio)

___ Along one path a narrow, winding stone staircase leads to a rooftop patio. To make it safer for the tenants, Diaz-Jourdain had a wall built around the roof’s edge. A blue tile mosaic defines the wall on the Milan Avenue side; a metal railing with a star motif designed by artist Art Ballard tops the mosaic. The tile echoes the blue paint on the Art Deco- style “eyebrows” over the windows.


Future Renovations:

"The Ruin" - Garage

(Pictured Above: "The Ruin" four-car garage)

___ There are plans to turn the former four-car garage located on the west side of the property, known as “The Ruin”, into a gym and recreation room for the residents. It is currently the site of many moonlit parties.